Welcome to Sarepa Media!

Sarepa Media is well-oiled online content-creating machine. But by machine, I mean people. But not well-oiled people, that would be weird. What I’m trying to say is, Sarepa Media is an online hub of creative content for blogs, company website or social media pages and we work specifically with people, small businesses, entrepreneurs and creatives in Colombia!

Our story

Sarepa Media was created by travel blogger, writer and journalist, Sarah Duncan, who has been travelling to and living in Colombia on and off for the last 10 years. In that time she has written countless blog posts and articles about her experiences in the country but has also created relationships with entrepreneurs and creatives she has come in contact with during that time. As well as feeling extremely awkward writing about herself in third-person, she is passionate about sharing her blogging, copywriting, social media and business knowledge with other people trying to be seen and heard in the ever-expanding online business landscape.

What we do

Do you need some blog posts created stat with some search engine optimisation magic thrown? Do you need your Spanish content to be translated into English or need some help editing your English content just to make sure it’s grammatically correct and flows beautifully? What about social media? Don’t have the time to frequently update your media channels and want someone who knows how to maximise your coverage and resonates with your culture to take the reins? Well, good news, because that is exactly what Sarepa Media can offer, and then some!

Want to know more? Be sure to contact us at info@sarepa.com. We’d be happy to chat, hey we’re probably online right now!



11 thoughts on “About

  1. Ben West says:

    Must admit I am a bit jealous you live in the only South American country that I really wanted to visit but didn’t. Looking forward to a good explore through here over the coming days πŸ™‚

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