Restaurants and Hotels

Cheap places to eat in Bogotá
La Pastelería la Florida – Hot Chocolate in Bogotá
Andres Carne de Res
Chamberí, Bogotá
Cafes in Bogotá
Sushi! Restaurants in Bogotá
La Mar Cebicheria. Restaurants in Bogotá
Casa Paquin, Bogotá
Andres D.C.
Restaurants in Usaquén, Bogotá
La Puerta Falsa, Bogotá
Baguette du Chef, Bogotá



Bogotá: Top 10 things you can do for free in Bogotá
Bogotá – Flea markets, Bogotá – A good find
Bogotá – Where to get a tattoo in Bogotá
Bogotá: Worst. Tour Guide. Ever.
Cali: Cali in pictures
Fomeque: Welcome to Fomeque!
La Mesa: Escaping the City – La Mesa, Colombia
La Mesa: Hills, hot weather and a hammock with my name on it
Playa Blanca: Beaches in Colombia and a technology detox
San Andres: 10 Things to do in San Andres
San Andres: Where to stay in San Andres
San Andres: Campaign Visit San Andres, Colombia
Santa Marta: The Lost City, Colombia
Villeta: Time to relax if you can remember how
Usaquén: Restaurants in Usaquén, Bogotá
Zipaquirá: Salt Cathedral – Licking walls and talking to God



Foodie Fridays: Cholados, Colombian recipes
Foodie Fridays: Cooking like a Colombian with Cilantro
Street Food in Bogotá
Foodie Fridays: Street Food
Foodie Fridays: Arepa de Choclo
What is an Arepa?
Top 5 Bogotá desserts


Travel Colombia Tips and Observations

Women travelling alone in Colombia
Sarepa video post: What are you doing in Colombia?
Sarepa video post: Travel disasters
Wait a minuto!
Colombia and the paper predicament
Colombia de Una
How to survive a three-hour bus trip through Colombia
How to avoid a pre-overseas trip freak out


Living in Colombia

House hunting in Bogotá
You know you live in Colombia when…
Top 50 reasons why I love living in Colombia
Feliz Navidad! Christmas in Colombia
My love affair with Colombia
Blending into my Spanish film fantasy
Where to get a tattoo in Bogotá
Time to get my Om on, Yoga in Bogotá
Peluqueria in Bogotá – don’t mess with a woman with a mustache and sharp implements.
How to do a job interview with concussion
Bienvenidos a Bogotá


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