If you have a questions or just want to say HI! then be sure to get in touch.



7 thoughts on “Contact me

  1. Shane Talmage says:

    HI 🙂
    saw your video about “what are you doing in Colombia”. thought i would say hi, and i will read your page more when time. If your planning to go to Medellin, and need help, let me know and i can have friends help or i should be back there soon myself. I can send over a blog for helpful info i did if want also. maybe my friends at the hostel who posted the video already know you and you have been to Medellin already? anyways, sorry this is rushed and not very descriptive.
    be well!

    1. sarepa says:

      Hi Shane, thanks for stopping by and for checking out the video. I have definitely been to Medellín a few times and I love it. Have a great week and stop by again soon.

  2. Vivian Y. says:

    Hola, de chiripa encontré este blog! soy de Colombia y todo lo que usted escribe sobre Colombia es real.
    La felicito, es usted una mujer muy bonita con un fantástico blog.

  3. Claudia says:

    Hi Sarah,
    I am in absolute awe at your wonderful blog about my country. I’m from Bogotá and just love reading everything you’ve done thus far while in Colombia. I read about your falling in love with Arroz con Coco on the coast and wanted to let you know that, at least back in the day -80’s & 90’s- La Pescadería del Sur has amazing arroz con coco and friend fish with patacón pisa’o and limonada. The best lunch in town when you’re craving flavours from the caribbean coastline. Of course, I’m not sure of the address or what it’s like now (been away for almost 25 years now), but I am sure it’s still standing as it was already an institution and very popular when we’d go with my family on any given day. It was just DELICIOUS!
    Anyway, I am sharing your blog and posts with friends and family, as I am sure they already know that my word on Colombia will always be biased in its favour, so them hearing it from an expat in Colombia will definitely give me some credibility 😉
    Thanks, again, for writing about my country and if you’re ever in Ireland, feel free to contact me (I still make areas con queso, & chocolatico con queso whenever I get homesick, and you’re welcomed to some and a nice chat) 🙂
    Again, great work and thank you for writing about your experiences in my country.
    Living vicariously through you,

    1. Sarepa says:

      Oh Claudia, you are making me hungry! 🙂 Thanks for the tip, I’ll have to hunt the place down one of these days. And, I’ll have to look you up whenever I head to Ireland for a chocolatico con queso! 😉

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