Hi there! I’m Sarah (or Sarepa) and here is a list of posts I’ve written which people seem to like a whole lot more than anything else I’ve posted on here. Take a look around, get acquainted, comment, share, like. I’ve also put the posts into categories. I’m organised like that.

10 Most popular posts:

7 Countries that should support Colombia during the World Cup

Top 50 reasons I love living in Colombia

What’s Colombia sick of hearing about during the World Cup?

What’s it like living in Colombia?

Top 10 things to do in San Andres, Colombia

You know you’re living in Colombia when…

6 Completely illogical reasons not to travel to Colombia

What’s it like for a woman travelling alone in Colombia?

Bogota tattoo – Where to get some ink in Bogota

What is an arepa?

More about travelling to and living in Colombia

10 Ways to ruin your trip to Bogota

Why I can’t justify being vegan when I travel to Colombia

8 Must-try adventure activities in Colombia

What I learned while working at a South American summer camp

La Ruta Mutis: Travel Colombia along the Mutis Route

Visiting the Lost City – Ciudad Perdida, Sierra Nevada

House hunting in Bogota

Travel tips and advice:

What to pack for a long-haul flight

How to quit your job and do whatever the hell you want

Sleeping on couches: 10 Tips for how to be a good guest

How to plan a year living abroad

Working from home without becoming a slob

5 Steps to living life with more gratitude

How to avoid the pre-overseas trip freak out

Guest posts:

Diving in Colombia – An ocean of opportunity

My personal faves:

How to do a job interview with concussion

Travel: Then and now

Goodbye backgammon, baklava and that questionable bullet hole

On living with your parents for the rest of your life

My love affair with Colombia


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